The ESSE Fire Stone is just the latest in a long history of handmade cookers and stoves that have stood the test of time in cottages and castles, on luxury liners and pioneering expeditions from Tropics to Poles for more than 150 years.

  •  Completely made in Britain.
  •  Highly-insulated, winter-proof exterior shell constructed from GRC.
  •  Refractory brick-lined chamber with internal profile optimised to promote high oven temperatures, clean combustion and heat distribution.
  •  Capable of attaining cooking temperatures in excess of 550 C.
  •  Glazed “stove door” allows sight of food during cooking, regulates air flow to the fire and retains heat in the oven. Half-catch door position creates air inlet during lighting.
  •  The stay-cool, stainless steel door handle is spring-loaded to assist easy door closing.
  •  Heavy duty steel base has “pivot” feature to allow orientation of the oven to be adjusted even during use.
  •  Optional side tables available.
  •  Flue pipe extends well above head height to ensure a smoke-free cooking experience and the rain shield ensures the flue operates correctly in all weathers.
  •  Side and base are made from separate locking pieces, allowing for expansion and contraction throughout the British seasons.
  •  Food can be placed directly onto the stone in front of the fire.
  •  Grooves in the side of the interior allow for three-tier grilling.
  •  Minimal maintenance required.
  •  Two-year warranty (excludes glass and firebricks).


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